The Life and Tragic Death of Winnie Barrington



This book tells the story of the life and tragic death of Winnie Barrington who was the accidental victim of an IRA ambush in Newport, County Tipperary on 14 May 1921. The events that led up to that ambush are covered in some detail, this includes new information for the diary of Lt. J.B. Jarvis, who was head of British army intelligence in the Limerick region.

The book also provides a background setting to the Barrington family: its emergence from humble circumstances to become a powerful, titled family owning 9,500 acres in Limerick alone and living in the grandeur of Glenstal Castle. The building and continued care by the family for Barrington’s hospital, Limerick, are carefully chronicled. Dealing with such critical issues as the famine, the land wars, and the revolutionary events of the 1916-1923 era, the book, in short, tells the story of a Unionist family in a changing Ireland, c. 1815-1925.

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