Pax, the Latin for ‘peace’, is emblazoned over the portal of the monastery and the first word of welcome to all entering this place. It is our greeting and our wish for you, the visitors to Glenstal Abbey.

In the spirit of St Benedict who wrote in his rule for monks: “Let all guests be received like Christ, who will say ”I came as a guest and you received me”, we welcome you. Seeking God and creating a space where God seeks us through a life of prayer and work is at the heart of monastic life. In welcoming you we invite you simply to participate in this seeking and being sought here at Glenstal.

People connect with Glenstal in all sorts of ways: many come daily to participate in the liturgy, visit the monastery church or walk the beautiful grounds. Others spend days of reflection in the guesthouse and join in one of the organised retreat or course days. In recent years visiting day groups have become very popular. For all, it seems to be a relaxing, reflective and restoring time. We encourage you to browse the many ways to discover and participate in life here at Glenstal Abbey.

All are welcome to join us in prayer, to walk the grounds and to get to know our place, tradition and life.

Step into the monastic tradition of taking quiet time to reflect, relax and pray in the monastery guesthouse.

Led by monks of the community along specific themes, we aim to renew your spirit and refresh your senses.

Visitors are free to walk the avenue at the front of the Abbey and to attend the prayer services which take place in the church throughout the day. We extend a warm welcome to groups (schools, parishes, active retirement etc.) who wish to visit the Abbey to join us in prayer and to get to know our place, life and tradition. Please contact 061 621005 or for more information..

The Guesthouse provides guests with a space for some rest, reading, reflection and prayer. A warm welcome awaits those who wish to stay here, oftentimes to make a private retreat and to attend prayer services in the Abbey church.

Guest Rooms

We have 12 en-suite rooms (10 single and 2 twin) which have views of the Guesthouse gardens and the Abbey church and library. Rooms are modestly and simply furnished with linens and soaps provided.


We provide wholesome, home-cooked meals for our guests. Breakfast is served in the Guesthouse while lunch and supper take place in the refectory of the monastery.


Check-in is between 2pm and 4pm at monastery reception and will be arranged in advance. Rooms should be vacated by 12 noon on the day of departure.


Rather than a specific monetary charge, we ask guests to make a donation for their stay according to their means. Many guests make a donation of around €70 per night which covers the cost of meals and the cleaning and maintenance of the Guesthouse.

Give the gift of Glenstal

If you would like to give the gift of a stay at Glenstal Abbey, vouchers can be obtained from monastery reception.


Monastery reception can be contacted for reservations and more information on 061 621 005 or by emailing

The God Pods, Peace Cottage and Garden Cottage are located on the Abbey grounds and offer quiet settings surrounded by nature to pray, slow down and refresh one’s spirit. They are ideal for those who seek God in the quiet and solitude which these locations offer.

The God Pods are located one kilometre from the Abbey and a minimum stay of three nights is recommended. The cottages are located near the gardens and offer a stay of up to one month. 

The God Pod is a small, single, self-catering dwelling. It is equipped with a small fridge, electric hob and microwave oven. Bed linen, bath towels and tea towels are all provided, as well as some of the usual necessities such as tea, coffee, milk and sugar. The two cottages are spacious and have all the facilities required for a longer stay. In the event that you may require internet access, it is advisable to bring a modem of your own. 


Arrival times are normally between 2pm and 4pm by appointment, and departures by 11am.


A donation of €55 per night for the God Pods is recommended and can be made by cash, cheque or card at monastery reception. The letting rate for the cottages are: 1 week for €500 p/w, 2 weeks for €400 p/w, and 3 weeks or more at €300 p/w.


Monastery reception can be contacted for reservations and more information on 061 621 005 or by emailing

The Abbey holds a number of retreat days and talks throughout the year on specific themes and to help people refresh and renew their spirits. Please contact 061 621005 or for more information.

We can host some camps, courses and conferences throughout the year in the monastery and school buildings. Please contact 061 621005 or for more information.

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