Homily – Sunday 5 – Year B

Fr Anthony Keane OSB


In today’s gospel, from the first chapter of Mark, we find Jesus
welcomed and celebrated as the hope and delight of the peoples,, the
EXPECTATIO GENTIUM. For he teaches with authority, and among
his listeners the effect is one of welcome affirmation and liberation. It
is indeed no wonder that these wonders should occur. That nature
should be stilled and be thrilled at the presence of its Creator. That
everyone should be delighted at his summons to wholeness and
fullness of life. For he lovingly restores to us the perfection of the
divine image in which we are made, saying: ‘I say to you, you are
Gods, and all of you children of the Most High’. For those weighed
down by guilt for past sins, He is the Lamb who is proclaimed at the
sacrifice of the Mass: Behold the Lamb of God, behold Him who
takes away the sins of the world. He would share with us the ecstasy
of the Trinity and its creative power to share life and make it
All seems lovely and bright, but dark clouds begin to appear, first as
mere specks that then proceed to gather and ominously darken. This
happens because the leaders of the people regressively wish to stay
asleep and stay in power. It happens because the oppressed
regressively wish to regress into a quiet impersonal state of existence.
It happens too because the explosive force of Christ’s presence among
us needs to be contained and properly packed to have its full effect.
The terrifying opposition to Christ’s coming is itself part of the plan
and only serves to amplify its message.
Finally, Christ calls disciples. Are there among us some who would
choose the fullness of life which He so kindly offers?

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