living the monastic life

Every Christian is invited to respond to the calling lovingly offered to them by God. Monastic life is one such response and, since 1927, men have sought to respond to this calling of God at Glenstal Abbey in prayer, in work and in community living.

Monks are not superheroes. They know their need for God’s mercy and for the support of their brothers. Monks are not fugitives. Monasticism is not a flight from the world but life lived in loving, prayerful connection with the Church, the Body of Christ. Monks do many things, and sometimes do them well, but they are not defined by their job descriptions. At all ages and stages of the monastic journey, the search for God is the primary focus, the one thing necessary.

Monastic life is not for everyone, but it may be for you. How can you know this?

You will have a desire for God, a need to spend time in prayer, an attraction to the Eucharist, the Liturgy and to the Word of God, a taste for solitude and reflection. You will be curious about this lifestyle and about this place. You will sense that this life may make sense of your life.


Br Colmán Ó Clabaigh OSB
Vocations Director
Address: Glenstal Abbey,  Murroe,  Co. Limerick
Email: vocations@glenstal.org 


As a community, we also have some requirements:

+ Candidates must be male, Catholic, free from debt and family obligations and should ideally be aged between 24 and 40.

+ We value life experience, a demonstrable capacity to complete an education, hold down a job and live independently.

+ Our life is challenging and rewarding. It requires a loving heart, robust mental and physical health and an ability to live generously with others.

If this is you, then perhaps you should get in touch with our Vocations Director.

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